MB Exclusive: French Tuesdays

March 30, 2011 10:41 am by

When we spoke to French Tuesdays co-founder Gilles Amsallem earlier this month, he told us that the social club was all about having the right mix of people. That right mix could very well include you. Ahead of French Tuesdays’ Mumbai launch at the end of April, Mumbai Boss readers have an exclusive chance to apply for membership. Just visit www.frenchtuesdays.com/iloveasia, enter the password “frenchtuesdays” (all lowercase), and under “who sponsored you”, type in “Mumbai Boss”. For sponsor’s email, please type “editors@mumbaiboss.com”. The membership is only open to the first 50 who apply and will close on Thursday, April 7.

Apply before Thursday, April 7, 2011. Only open to people in Mumbai. Membership to French Tuesdays’ Mumbai chapter is left to the discretion of the French Tuesdays team. This is a chance to apply for membership and not a guarantee of the same.